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Sweet words,

Sour Actions.

Tempting thoughts,

Profound ideas.

It’s a gamble,

My luck doesn’t


As per usual.

Please stop,

I can stop,


I can stop,

but not if you

Keep going.

It’s clear it’s


We are over.

It never started,

But it’s over.

You said,

You don’t have


Thinking of a lot,

Scribbling a little.

Mess after mess,

of jumbled words.

Not making any


Where’s my sense,

Following the dotted line,

I was filling in

The Space.

But now it’s

All voided,


Again and again,

Naturally avoiding

Feeling the void.

He teases me

With past tense.

Reaffirming what

I mean to him,

Which I’m still

Unclear of.

You don’t make me



Here You Go.

It just makes sense.

I haven’t posted in months…WTF.

Who’s in charge of the girls.

©2013 Kyle Nasypany

I’ll never forget the story.

©2013 Kyle Nasypany

It’s as though the light knew.

©2013 Kyle Nasypany

The softest light, gracing the face of the softest heart.
Dancing shadows play with dimensions, adding to the spacial conundrum.
We walk towards what we believe is the truth,
Ignorant to trap doors and sink holes.
Fall, fall, fall down towards the center of the Earth.
Expectation of a burning sensation,
Trumped by the coldness that only exists.
Deep down, we expect heat.
Deep down, at the core, we expect things to be molten.

Here it is, Finished!

©2013 Kyle Nasypany

Sixth in my new Alphabet Project.

Next comes O.

As in Ornate Opulence.

© 2013 Kyle Nasypany